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Production stamping parts processing process


The processing process of stamping parts is:

Blanking → punching → trimming → grooving → flanging (bending) → blanking.

1. Cutting:

Cut the material according to the size required by the drawing, and the cutting accuracy is 0.1mm;

2. Punching:

Drill holes in the center of the material with a drill bit, generally using a diameter of φ6mm drill bits, hole spacing is generally 3mm~5mm;

3. Trimming and grooving:

The perforated hole is trimmed with a file until smooth transition; If you need to cut the material, use a saw blade to cut the material.

4. Flanging, dropping and finished product inspection:

(1) The purpose of flanging is to make the edge of the product smooth and beautiful.

(2) The purpose of blanking is to reduce burrs and facilitate the assembly of the product.

(3) The purpose of finished product inspection is mainly to check the appearance quality, shape and size of the stamping parts and whether there are defects.

5. Precautions:

(1) Improve production efficiency and reduce production costs as much as possible under the premise of ensuring product quality;

(2) In the production process, it is necessary to operate in strict accordance with technical requirements to prevent waste products.

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