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What are Fixing rail/Slotted channel/Double channel?


Fixing rail, slotted channel, and double channel are essential components in various construction and industrial applications. These versatile products are used for securing and supporting pipes, cables, and other equipment in a secure and efficient manner.

Fixing rail, also known as a strut channel, is a metal rail with a series of holes or slots along its length. This design allows for easy attachment of various accessories such as clamps, brackets, and hangers. Fixing rails are commonly used in electrical, plumbing, and HVAC installations to provide a sturdy and adjustable mounting solution.

Slotted channel, on the other hand, is similar to fixing rail but with elongated slots instead of round holes. This design offers greater flexibility in positioning and adjusting accessories along the channel. Slotted channels are often used in applications where precise alignment and spacing are required, such as in conveyor systems and shelving units.

Double channel is a variation of fixing rail that features two parallel channels connected by a central web. This design provides increased strength and stability, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications such as supporting heavy equipment or machinery.

In conclusion, fixing rail, slotted channel, and double channel are indispensable components in the construction and industrial sectors. Their versatility, strength, and adjustability make them essential for a wide range of applications.

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