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How to use the luggage cart at the airport


When taking a plane, many people are more curious about where to look at the airport luggage cart, and even many people are very confused when they get off the plane, do not know where their things have gone, and the face of small bags of luggage is also very helpless, watching others push the car out of the airport, and their own bags and bags of things walking in the airport, they are very heart stuffed. So all the people who want to take the plane can understand how to use the luggage cart at the airport in advance.

Airport luggage cart use method

First, the general terminal, parking buildings and many other places will have luggage cars, we must first find the place where the luggage cars gather. Then push a luggage cart.

Second, when pushing the luggage cart, the handle of the cart should be pressed down, so that it can be used normally.

Third, the luggage cart in the general airport does not need to pay any fees, and passengers can try it for free.

Luggage cart use tips

In general, when using the luggage cart, we must first find where the car is, there are many places that have luggage carts, you can go to find the car and then use it. Do not use too much force when pressing down the handle of the cart, look at the general structure and gently press to use the luggage cart. And in the airport inside all the luggage car is free, the car is more, especially convenient. There are also a lot of service staff inside the airport, and if you can't find the luggage cart, or if you can't use it once you find it, you can also find these people to ask for help. You can choose a luggage cart when you have more luggage, but if you have less luggage, you can choose to carry it yourself. Because there are many luggage carts, but there are many people who fly every day, passengers should judge whether they need to use luggage carts according to their actual situation, so as not to waste resources.

When making a plane, be sure to master the use of the airport luggage car tutorial, help you quickly and easily transport your own luggage in the airport, more convenient and fast, but the luggage car is also a public property, can not be used for private, can not take the luggage car home, even can not put the luggage car out of the airport, otherwise the staff is not convenient to put the car back in place. At the airport, each passenger should also be responsible for their own words and deeds, and handle the luggage cart lightly and gently. If the luggage cart is damaged for personal reasons, it will be required to pay compensation.

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